Bad People Run The World

Maybe we need to take a page from President Trump’s book and instead of saying the deep state we should call them what they are…..VERY BAD PEOPLE! The buried rooms in the estates of Jeffrey Epstein, who was in actuality the FRONT MAN for those financing the abuse and trafficking of children have been houses of HORROR! THE TIME IS NOW for Americans to WAKE UP and smell the coffee. THERE IS A CURRENT OF VILENESS RUNNING THROUGH TUNNELS AND PRESTIGIOUS HOUSING IN THE US. The Podestas, the Clintons, Countless Congress people, the late Gloria Vanderbilt, those on the Social Registry, Celebrities( the Tom Hanks of the world), Sport figures, News People, those in circles of money and power in Palm Beach, many, many rich communities, CEO’s of BIG companies, The Met Gala every year, Modeling Agencies, Huge Charity organizations, the Red Cross, the late Kate Spade and her criminal shipping activity. What was Robin Williams trying to say? The red scarf, door knob fake suicides. The Clinton hit list that operated through the years to shut up people who knew. The ex Congresswomen who was ready to out the Foster Care and Daycare cruel system that routinely take children from their homes and put them into a trafficking life, where ritual sacrifice happens before the adrenaline blood is taken and used as a drug called Adrenechrome, who was killed. Too many murdered people to write down. Hunter Thompson( committed suicide?) used Adrenechrome in a movie and his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Pink is the color of Adrenechrome. References and outright usage is in movies and television. Susan Sarandon has PING PONG places which is known for child pedophilia. Pizza is known to be a hidden word for abusing children, cheese, sauce, etc. Walnut Sauce is the choice for these sick diners, which is from the pineal gland, taken from human tortured victims. The torture heightens the affect of the Adrenechrome. There is a rumored video that many people have seen deep in the net that shows Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and Hillary’s partner in crime, peeling the skin off from a girl, wearing it to up the intensity of the pineal gland and the adrenechrome. There is a photo that may be of them on ping pong tables drugged out of their minds. There are photos of these people under Epstein Island, below the building, in rooms sitting on stools eating people. Their belief in Satan and all that goes along with it is so dark and evil that they have to appear to be the opposite of what they are in order to deceive The People. They must pretend to be upright members of the communities, givers of charity, rich business people, be elected to offices and Congress, even the Presidency. The LIES are of such a magnitude that regular people would not be able to wrap their heads around it. They show what they do in movies, television, books, they tell what they do everyday with their devil symbols. Pictures of Bill Mayer dressed in robes going to a ritual. They know the people could never accept it because it is too gruesome and would seem unreal to really happen. THIS IS HOW THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SO BLINDED, the Pope, all the people whom control religions, industries, countries and monarchs, all of the elite we allow to live above us are in truth living in the gutter with demons doing Ghastly things. Many people now know of these things. The secret is out. They will pay the price. THE TIME IS NOW………..thetimeisnownews

Kimberly McGregor Clark

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