Where do we go from here America?

In light of this last week, we have seen that Patriots are going to be vilified no matter how civil they act. If the Deep State thinks Jan. 6, 2021 was so heinous, it comes obvious that a REAL insurrection would devastate the Deep State because they are so ill prepared for something they have not false flagged themselves. No war was ever planned out on the internet, social media or the phone. It is now known that every citizen group has been infiltrated by Deep State. The water just got a bit murkier for those seeking to take down the Devils. Now they must smell them out like the sewer rats they are. They will act different, unable to put a finger on it. Shady backgrounds. Many details. Now the patriots know DIRTY. Killing patriots will go smoothly, or so they think. Psychological and other skills will be used against DS. It just got real. Patriots cannot rely on non Patriot leaders. Patriots can only rely on Patriots. Anyone still willing to make Patriots wait for others to fight for their freedoms are using diversional tactics on Patriots. We passed the point of an operation to take effect, certain things had to happen. Once an enemy occupies, then one can no longer remain docile. Once there becomes nothing left to lose, EVERYTHING changes. Eyes Open. Shadows are your friend. Electronics are your enemy. Smoke signals, crowds, one mission. May God guide and may Patriots learn that no one is their friend and everyone is their enemy. Thy will be done.

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